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Walls Giving You Trouble? Try Bombs


Reddit user Samasaurus has managed to add the bombs from The Legend of Zelda series to Minecraft, as a usable item. Check this out…

bombs in minecraft

Dust cloud and everything. What’s more, he’s done it with no modifications to the game at all, at least he claims.

Samasaurus is currently working on a recreation of Ocarina of Time entirely in Minecraft, or at least as close as he can get. There is currently no separate release for his bomb weapon, but maybe you can make it yourself. He described the entire process on Reddit:

Block model for the bomb and then another for the animated bomb. When you drop the bomb with Q, it is given a scoreboard value for IsBomb of 1. That entity then summons an invisible armour stand called “Bomb” with the bomb model on its head. (The block model has a head display setting so it appears at the base of the armour stand). The dropped item is then killed all within the same tick. Every tick that armour stand gets +1 added to BombTimer. Once it reaches 20, entity data command changes the block in the head slot to the animated bomb. After 5 seconds the bomb plays the explode sound, does particles, fills an area replacing monster eggs with air and runs various effects on nearby players and entities.

And there you have it, Zelda bombs in Minecraft.

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