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Minecraft Team Explore TalSet’s Island


What’s the latest cool creation in Minecraft? What’s it like?

Minecraft is built via its players, and sometimes, they create truly wondrous thing. The team behind the game like to spotlight such things and give credit where credit is due. And their latest spotlight goes to Talset, who made the appropriately named TalSet’s island.

This place looks like a paradise, and it is. But, Talset knew that to keep people coming, he had to be deep in what he created. So, there are a lot of hidden constructions and items just waiting to be found.

“I wanted to create an environment where the player could solve quests, make decisions and discover the island’s history and secrets,“ TalSet explains. “I really enjoy creating things, so in the first place I just wanted to create a map to build and have fun.”

You’ll definitely want to check out this place, so check out the page and see what else awaits you on the island.

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