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CubeCraft Has Arrived On More Minecraft Servers


Is CubeCraft going to come to more versions of MineCraft? If so, when?

As Minecraft players known, there are different servers of the game that have brought many players a lot of joy, and now, one of the biggest ones, CubeCraft, has been brought to more versions of the game via the Minecraft Servers!

Here are more details on the CubeCraft server that is now available to more people straight from the CEO of the company who runs the server, John Coles

CubeCraft is an awesome community and team of Minecraft players. We’ve all been playing since the early days of Java Edition (some as far back as Alpha) and we’re constantly looking for new creative ways to push the game as far as possible.

We focus a lot on the experience for our players and work incredibly hard to make sure they have safe, fun and memorable games. Currently on Java we have around 50 different gamemodes and over 250 different unique maps for players to explore. We’re going to be working to get new games on our Bedrock server along with the classic games we’re known for: EggWarsSkyWars and Survival Games. 

The server is now available on Windows 10, mobile, and Xbox One. So don’t miss the chance to play on the new server.

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