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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Gets Story Details


What’s the latest on Dragon Quest Builders 2? Any details on the story of the game?

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is set to come out to PS4 and Nintendo Switch, but Square Enix has recently updated the Japanese website for the game and gave some details on what people can expect from the story. Check it out below:

■ Story

The corrupt cleric Hargon and the God of Destruction Malroth were defeated, and a short period of peace came upon the world. However, the threat of the “Hargon Order” was reemerging upon the world!

The Hargon Order, which plans to destroy the world, was trying to eradicate the Builders, whose power to build things make them an enemy in the Order’s eyes.

◆ Vacant Island

A mysterious stone monument on the Vacant Island! You can become a Master Builder by overcoming its trials!?

The “Vacant Island” is an uninhabited island where the protagonist drifts ashore following a certain event. The protagonist and the boy Malroth will make base on this island and refine the protagonist’s building skills while expanding the range that they can explore. Before long, the protagonist will discover a mysterious stone monument and stone pillars via the guidance of a mysterious voice.


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