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E3 2016: New Information On Minecraft Realms


Minecraft Realms, the anticipated addition to the popular block builder that will allow players to play the game co-op, isn’t new news. Most Minecraft fans have known about Realms for some time, but today was the day we actually saw footage of it running, during Microsoft’s E3 conference.

Microsoft repeated the phrase “cross-platform play” many times, not only with this game but every few seconds during every game they showed. When they first boasted about Minecraft Realms being “truly open” I wondered if they’d managed to negotiate sharing online data with the PS4 — that would’ve been interesting! Unfortunately they only meant communication across three platforms, and two of those platforms are phones.

Users of the XBox One, iOS and Android versions of Minecraft will be able to visit each other’s worlds, and that’s about it. The most popular Minecraft platform, PC, wasn’t even mentioned — which is extremely odd, since Microsoft virtually owns the PC and it would have provided the billionth time for them to plug Windows 10 during the conference. We do know a version of Minecraft Realms is coming to PC eventually.

For now, Microsoft has only confirmed the XBox One and your smartphone will be able to play Minecraft Realms in 2016. It launches later this fall.

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