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Pac-Man Remade Within Minecraft


This Pac-Man video is more than just a clever animation, this is the actual game with realistic AI programmed into Minecraft.

Made by Magib1, this Minecraft version of Pac-Man seeks to replicate the same behaviors in the original game. It uses a lot of command blocks, so many that Magib1 says that when he eventually puts a download link up you’ll need a beefy machine to run it.

The ghosts actually chase Pac-Man directly, using the same rules as the quarter munchers your mom and dad, or maybe your grandma and grandpa, played:

Blinky (Red) targets Pacman directly
Pinky (Pink) targets a cell 4 blocks in front of Pacman, except when Pacman is facing up, in which case Pinky targets 4 blocks up and 4 blocks to the left (due to an original overflow error in the game – yes, I’ve included that too!)
Inky (Blue) targets 2x the vector from Blinky to two blocks in front of Pacman in the direction he’s facing
Clyde (Orange) targets Pacman if Pacman is outside a 7-block radius, and targets his home corner if Pacman is within a 7-block radius

In the most current version of the game:

Pacman and ghosts can now eat each other
Eaten ghosts will return to their home and be revived
Pacman now has three lives and has a death animation
Ghosts are released per the normal Pacman game logic (individual dot counters on Pacman’s first life, global dot counters on subsequent lives unless Clyde is in start when the counter equals 32)
Ghosts reverse direction when their mode changes
Points given for eating ghosts and fruit
Win/lose detection and auto board reset
Lots of minor bug fixes

It’s a pretty amazing feat, although it’s a bit buggy now and crashes the game every 20 seconds. But we’re looking forward to checking it out when a download is released.

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