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Splatoon Now Playable In Minecraft


If you’re not already playing Splatoon, you should get on that. If you don’t own a Wii U yet, get one just to play this game. It’s crazy addictive and a lot of fun.

Minecraft can be equally as addictive, so it would stand to reason by combining them both, humanity would become totally enslaved. Now all hope is lost, because it’s happened. And you don’t need a special mod to play the hybrid either — it installs into any vanilla version of Minecraft (for PC).

Minecraft tinkerer Sethbling created the Splatoon map, which contains all the mechanics of the original: you can spray ink, tun into a squid, swim in ink and blast rival teammates. The three basic types of weapons — big shooter, small shooter and roller — are represented. It will also support any team size, not just the traditional 4-on-4 battle. The only real difference is that the Minecraft version of Splatoon is in first-person.

Sethbling actually doesn’t own Splatoon, yet he created an amazingly faithful rendition. He pulled it off with the help of his Splatoon-owning friends, who filled him in on the mechanics and what should go where. The Splatoon map can be downloaded here and will work on any 1.8 server.

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