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The Torches In Minecraft Have Crossed Into Reality


The above image is not a screenshot, but a glance below at the fleshy, rounded hand holding the torch likely told you that already. Another Minecraft item has crossed over into the real world: the torch, following in the shoes of the pickaxe, which already made its physical debut in foam form.

The torch is made of plastic and really lights up, though attempting torch-related activities with it is asking for disappointment. Just in case anyone tries to figure out a way to sue Mojang from using this torch wrong, the disclaimer on the box covers every situation:


The real-world Minecraft Light-Up Torch can be yours for $25 at ThinkGeek. The product page claims it’s “easier than crafting one yourself,” though that option would be cheaper. It’s worth pointing out some recipients of the Minecraft Light-Up Torch have found it to be lousy at keeping rooms lit by itself, so if you really need a flashlight but feel the urge to get quirky instead, get the dang flashlight.

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