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Pokemon Battles Now Possible In Vanilla Minecraft


Elements of Pokemon have been brought to Minecraft in the past, plenty of times. Watered-down versions of the game have been created in both the game’s vanilla form and with special mods. But no one has gone as far as Phoenix Projects, the creators of a project known as Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst. They aim to create a fully playable, fully functional Pokemon game in Minecraft that includes EVERYTHING a normal game does.

This includes a battle system, which was tricky to pull off. But yesterday, they announced success and posted a video. Requiring forty hours of work in this past week alone, the new battle engine works exactly like the one from the games.

You can’t download this battle engine yet, because for one thing it’s part of a game that is nowhere near complete, and it’s also got a fair amount of bugs that need fixing before it’ll be considered finished.

Development on Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst began last December. Phoenix Projects hopes to have the game complete and ready by early-to-mid 2016.

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