Minecraft Pocket Edition

Two Big Bad Bosses Being Added To Minecraft Pocket Edition


The cell phone Pocket Edition and the free Windows 10 edition of Minecraft both contain special features the regular game doesn’t, but they’re also missing a lot of features of the full Minecraft. An impending update won’t solve that problem, but it’ll come two steps closer. The bosses known as the Elder Guardian and the Wither are about to be added to Windows 10 and Pocket Edition.

To make the Guardian feel at home, underwater temples will also be added, and so will new slash commands and the shiny beacon. As for the question of whether either monster will be easier to defeat on phones or on a free Win10 app than they are in Minecraft proper…..I wouldn’t bet on it.

This update is labeled 0.16, and Minecrafters are invited to beta-test it by signing up at this website. Keep in mind though that, while testing, you will lose Realm access and will have to go back to version 0.15.6 to get to them again.

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