Minecraft Console Edition

Get Ready To Tumble In Console Minecraft


Here’s something we don’t see every day: a significant Minecraft update that’s exclusive to consoles. A PvP minigame called Tumble is now possible in the PS4, XBox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and Vita versions of Minecraft (what is the Wii U, chopped liver? We know the answer to that…)

In Tumble, two players face off against one another on a platform suspended over a lava pit. Each one has a shovel and snowballs for weapons. The goal isn’t to beat the other guy up, but to remove enough of the platform under him that he tumbles into the lava — before he does the same to you. Up to eight people can play Tumble at the same time, so things can get crazy, as Mojang’s new video proves:

When will the PC be getting this game? We don’t know yet, but the free Windows 10 version is getting an update of its own in the form of additional bosses such as the Elder Guardian and the Wither.

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