The First Look At Minecraft 1.9 Is Coming Soon


Nathan Adams, Mojang employee and the #1 social media liaison between the makers of Minecraft and their fans, has confirmed via tweet that the world’s first snapshot of the game’s next big update, Minecraft 1.9, will be unveiled on July 29.

Adams had originally promised to start releasing screenshots THIS week, but he explained the update is not quite ready yet. The snapshot will be the first of several that Mojang will release before the update itself goes live.

It’s believed that this update will add some of the major new features that were teased during Minecon in London. At that event, Mojang revealed an improved fight against the Ender Dragon and the ability to wield two weapons at once, among other things. The snapshots may confirm these updates will be ours very soon, or they may reveal something else we didn’t know. Keep watching this space for more information…

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