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Minecraft Coming To Oculus Rift Very Soon Now


Yesterday the Windows 10 version of Minecraft turned one year old. Today Mojang announced this version of the game would be getting Oculus Rift support within the next few weeks.

“This morning we celebrated the first anniversary of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta,” said Jesse Merriam of Mojang, “Since the Windows 10 Edition released last July we have committed over 12,000 code check-ins and fixed over 6000 bugs. All that work has resulted in 15 updates with dozens of new features for you, with lots more to come.”

So how much will the Oculus Rift version cost? Nothing, actually — it’s an upgrade to the Windows 10 version. “If you own Windows 10 Edition and an Oculus Rift, you can jump right in and experience Minecraft in a whole new way. And, if playing around with VR Minecraft sounds excellent to you and you haven’t upgraded your PC to Windows 10 yet, don’t worry- there’s still time.” Well, there’s a few hours at least. If your computer is five years or older, though, I wouldn’t recommend the upgrade.

As for what’s next, Mojang’s Marsh Davies teased that “soon we’ll be introducing add-ons which let you dramatically modify the rules of the game.”


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