Forbes Chats With Minecraft Author Danica Davidson


As the writer behind a string of children’s novellas set in the Minecraft world, Danica Davidson gets basically paid to write Minecraft fanfiction. What’s the job like? Forbes recently conducted an interview with Danica and here’s what she told them….

The premise she came up with “is that Stevie is an eleven-year-old kid in the Minecraft world who goes through a strange portal and falls out of a computer screen and into our world. It’s total culture shock on his end (he thinks people’s fingers look like squid tentacles, and tries to figure out if cars work like minecarts).” Danica says she tries to infuse each book with “a sense of fun and adventure.”

“I try to end most my chapters with a cliffhanger, to keep things exciting. The books are written from the point-of-view of eleven-year-old Stevie, so I always go back and read stories I wrote when I was eleven to make sure I get the right voice.”

Danica also says she purposely avoids other Minecraft-related narratives, like Telltale’s Story Mode series, because she wants her books to have a unique voice. “Because my books are unofficial, it also gives me more room to play around with them and see what I can come up with.”

Danica has released six books in the Overworld Adventures series so far, and has two more in the way in September and October. Read the full interview at Forbes.

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