This New Dragon Quest Game Looks Awfully Familiar


Earlier in the month Square-Enix revealed that the next game to carry the Dragon Quest brand would be a spinoff called “Dragon Quest Builders.” Today they showed off three screenshots, the first glimpses anybody has ever gotten of the game. Stop me when this starts looking familiar to you.

Dragon Quest


Yup….it’s definitely Minecraft, or as legally close as Square can get. I’ll explain the game mechanics, but you likely already know them: you mine materials from the land using the hammer shown in the pics. With the materials you gather, you can build objects like houses. Your goal in this case is to construct a base to defend yourself and your NPC friends against monsters from the Dragon Quest library.

In addition, doesn’t this main character’s outfit look a lot like Link’s? Remember when this company didn’t have to steal to eat?

There is no release date yet in any region for Dragon Quest Builders, but the game is a Sony exclusive and will come out eventually on Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Vita.

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