Scrolls Will Limit Purchases to Make Game Fair


Hey, you like Minecraft. You think you’d also like a deep, tactical game board game/trading card game hybrid that’s like Magic: The Gathering, but for REAL nerds?

Probably not, statistically speaking, but Mojang’s follow-up to Minecraft is coming to full release next week. If this is the kind of thing you like, well, Scrolls is probably going to be the kind of thing you’ll love.

As a further sign that Mojang already has all the monies, Scrolls does the opposite of pay-to-win. It controls much players can spend buying Scrolls, game’s name for its units, the keep the game fair.

“We restrict how much you can spend to retain game balance,” Mojang explained, according to Eurogamer. “This sounds unlikely, but you really don’t have to spend more than the cost of Scrolls ($4.99) to progress.

“All items are available for a reasonable amount of gold.”

Scrolls also allows you to trade for units with other players.

The game gets its full release Thursday on PC and Android. You can find out more about it here.

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