Player Recreates Pokémon Battles in Vanilla Minecraft


Pokémon and Minecraft couldn’t be more different if they tried. Minecraft is all about creating your own worlds, your own gameplay and doing what you will. Pokémon is a relatively linear JRPG that’s all about exploring a world that’s made for you and finding rare things that the developers have left in the world.

But something draws the two fanbases together, just the same. Phoenix SC has now mashed the actual games together with a proof-of-concept video that shows a version of Pokémon made in vanilla Minecraft, using tons of command blocks.

The “Pokémon” are actually existing Minecraft mobs, but you can still take them out of your Pokéballs, carry them around into tall grass, and get into Pokémon fights with them.

You can try his proof-of-concept out by downloading it here.

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