Minecraft: Story Mode

Reviewers Fairly Kind On Minecraft: Story Mode


Minecraft: Story Mode came out this week….or rather, the first installment of a five-episode series came out. Reviews say the game isn’t perfect, but so far it’s good enough for them.

Justin Davis of IGN game the game a 7.3 out of 10 and said, “”Minecraft: Story Mode is a pleasant, family-friendly adventure that very quickly won me over and kept me invested in its twists and turns…Sparse interactivity and a lack of commitment to explaining this world and its inhabitants hold Episode 1 back, but I’m still absorbed in my story, and eager to find out what happens next.”

Gamespot’s Randolph Ramsay gave it a 7 out of 10 and said, “It’s [the] flavor that helps propel this first episode of Minecraft: Story Mode along, even when the story itself only begins to hint at the scope of the adventure ahead. It’s a pleasant start, packed with individual events but featuring little in the way of narrative propulsion. When I reached the end of this episode, I wanted more. I’m hoping that, like most outstanding Minecraft creations, Minecraft: Story Mode just needs a little more time to build.”

Patricia Hernandez of Kotaku didn’t give the game a rating (because that website doesn’t give them) but she had positive impressions of it. “Playing it, what strikes me the most about Story Mode is how much a narrative-driven take on Minecraft makes sense. Forget the internet wisecracks. The bigger picture is this: people are already using Minecraft to tell stories—just look at YouTube. Most book stores even carry entire sections devoted just to Minecraft. If anything, the biggest surprise about Minecraft: Story mode is that it took this long for something like it to exist.”

The only truly sour grapes came from Darren Nakamura of Destructoid, who graded it a 5 out of 10. He said, “There is some hope for this series to be great in the future, but The Order of the Stone is just okay. The Minecraft-specific gameplay is a nice way to shake up the usual formula. The blank slate of the universe allows the tale to go wherever it wants. The voice cast is full of actors who can do great work. But the writing needs to be more engaging if Story Mode wants to be taken seriously among Telltale canon.”

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