Minecrafter Creates Amazing Castles


A Minecrafter who goes by Xidus has been making waves on Reddit’s Minecraft page by posting photos of the castles he’s been making. Though plenty of users make castles in Minecraft, this guy’s are on a different level. Using ornate, intricate designs (or as intricate as one can be with Minecraft blocks) he winds up creating things that look like they could exist in real life somewhere. Xidus uses Conquest, a resource pack, and a rendering mod called Optifine to polish the castles up.

Not only do Xidus’s castles look pretty, but they are fully functional in the game. He says, “Something that does nothing but look good — “eggshell builds” — does not impress me. My builds look good, and are also 100% viable in Survival, although this particular build was constructed in Creative for easier prototyping. I also prefer the more militaristic fortress-style castles than the whimsical fortified manor houses that later castles developed into.”

See Xidus’s imgur album for more pics of his latest creations.

[Source: Kotaku]

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