Worlds Of Minecraft And Halo Merge


Guess who has a new Halo game about to come out? Microsoft. And guess who owns Minecraft? Microsoft again. Synergy time!

This Friday, October 23, the XBox One and XBox 360 versions of Minecraft will get a new Halo 5-themed pack featuring Master Chief and Spartan Locke skins, as well as skins for other major characters from the upcoming FPS, including Nathan Fillion’s Edward Buck. There are eight characters in all, four on the Blue Team and four from Fireteam Osiris.

This isn’t the first time. A Halo-themed pack was released last year for the XBox 360 version of Minecraft. If you own that version, you’ll be able to add the Halo 5 pack to the game for free. Otherwise the merger of worlds will cost $4 to activate — you will get the content of both the Halo and Halo 5 packs. This adds skins for Cortana, Sergeant Johnson and the Arbiter, along with many pre-made worlds like Silent Cartographer, Sandtrap, Valhalla, Blackout, Guardians, and Blood Gulch.

Halo 5 comes out a few days after this does, on October 23.

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