Minecraft Streamer Buys $4.5 Million LA House


Think about the bad financial choices you’ve made, then think about people like this guy and feel better about yourself. A successful Twitch Minecraft streamer has blown the revenue he’s been earning on a swanky 4.5 million dollar home in the Sunset Strip area of Los Angeles. And no, it’s not the same guy who burned down his parents’ house last week (wouldn’t that be something?) It’s Jordan Maron, whom his fans know as CaptainSparklez (is the key to success in the game-streaming business to pick the most embarrassing handle possible?)

Maybe I didn’t have to tell you who he was; odds are you’re one of his 8.8 million subscribers. So not a single one of you warned him not to do this? A quote from Clone High, a series I know by heart, is coming to mind: “I watched the first half of the MC Hammer Behind the Music episode, and if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that money NEVER RUNS OUT.”

The mansion is actually just a few miles away from the one that Notch, the now-lonely creator of Minecraft, bought last year. All these celebrities and CEOs must be unnerved by the trend of goofy Internet people moving into their neighborhood.

I hope Maron is aware that the expenses won’t stop once the house closes. Property taxes, upkeep, a staff to clean the whole thing….His Infinity Pool alone is expensive to keep in good condition. Unless he remains this popular for the rest of his life AND game streaming remains a heavily profitable revenue generator for decades, this is not going to end well for him.

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