Coming To Minecraft: The Flying Cape


How many of you have played Super Mario 64? Show of hands……okay, good. Those of you who didn’t raise your hand, go find Super Mario 64 and play it before you read the rest of this. Got it?

Did you play it? Okay, good, let’s continue. That wing cap was something else, wasn’t it? How’d you like a feature like that in Minecraft? There’s good news for you all: Mojang is about to add it.

Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten has created a cape-like item that induces flight whenever it’s acquired by your figure. Put it on, and you can soar through the Minecraft world, taking in panoramic views of your own buildings and structures. Construct loops and fly-throughs and make a game out of it!

“They fold when you land and replace the cape (if any) when equipped,” says Bergensten. “They are styled as the cape + new Mojang cape.”

The cape is scheduled to be part of the next update to Minecraft, which will be called 1.9 or the “Combat Update.” No one knows when this update is going to arrive. But once it does, the cape will be made available — you’ll just have to find it randomly, as it can’t be crafted.

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