Minecraft Livestream Captures Live House Fire


There lives in Japan a man by the handle Daasuke who likes to stream his Minecraft games. One day, he decided to pause his game so he could show his viewers and followers the new oil-match lighter he just bought. Unsure how to use this particular kind of lighter, he filled the thing up with oil and struck a match against it, turning the entire lighter into a fireball in his hand. He dropped it hastily into the garbage, and started cleaning up the oil while his chatroom fans screamed at him to look at the flaming wastebasket behind his back. His solution was to lift the garbage bag out of the can and set it on top of a bunch of cardboard boxes and papers in his room. As he left the room to get a glass of water, the entire place started going up in flames.

Daasuke panicked and tried to put the fire out any way he could think of. He piled garbage on top of it (which also caught fire), he tried to smother it with cardboard (and wound up fanning the flames). At no point did he use a fire extinguisher; it’s unknown if this house had one ready. Let this be a lesson to you!

Daasuke, who lives (or lived) with his parents, escaped the burning house with minor injuries. The entire second floor caught fire and is probably a loss. You can watch the entire debacle below, which begins at 4:45.

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