Pixelmon Puts Pokemon Into Minecraft


Nintendo will never officially allow Pokemon in Minecraft because they don’t own the game itself — Microsoft does. Luckily for the rest of us, there are a lot of modders out there with free will. Kotaku has called attention today to Pixelmon, a Minecraft mod that turns the game into something as close to the actual Pokemon experience as its mechanics will allow.

Once installed, all the creatures in the game turn into Pokemon and become capturable. You can then use them in battle against rival Trainers, or against other wild Pokemon to catch them too. You likely know how this all works. But I bet you’ve never had to craft your Poke Balls from scratch, have you? It takes multiple steps.

To catch Pokémon, we are going to need some Poké Balls. We will need to craft these! First off, you will need Apricorns. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! … Well actually, all are the same size, but that sounded better. Apricorn trees are scattered throughout your game world, BUT WAIT. Don’t shatter the Apricorn trees ruthlessly, as that would destroy the poor trees and you’ll only get wood out of them. Right-click a tree to get the Apricorn while still allowing the tree to produce more at a later date. Now that we have the Apricorns, they must be cooked. Place them in a furnace with fuel, and a few seconds of sizzling later, we have cooked Apricorns! You will need three though, so make with the Apricorn hunting. Now with three cooked apricorns, using a crafting table, create yourself a Poké Ball disc with the following recipe:

The head-on crash of Minecraft and Pokemon gameplay puts some new twists on an old formula, like getting chocolate in your peanut butter. The Pixelmon mod can be downloaded here.

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