Enjoy Free Minecraft Skins On XBox This Week


For the most part Microsoft has been allowing Minecraft to remain a multiplatform experience, and the game continues to be updated and sold for their rival consoles and companies. There are perks to being within the inner circle, however.

If you’re playing Minecraft on an XBox One or an XBox 360, you will be able to download free skins for the game for the next week or so. Three downloadable content packs are now free, featuring skins for various characters and environments.

Two of the three packs were previously released in honor of Minecraft’s first and second birthdays….er, that is to say, their first and second XBOX birthdays. That’s what’s really important, right? Since this week marks the third birthday, also free is a brand new bundle that features “veteran Mojangstas and a few cheeky extras.”

XBox users can grab these packs for nothing until May 17th.

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