Minecraft Is The Most YouTubed Game In All Existence, Says YouTube


It shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially readers of this site, but according to a recent survey by YouTube, the most popular video game to be displayed in Let’s Play form on the website is Minecraft.

Viewers have logged an endless amount of hours viewing Minecraft videos, beating out such heavy hitters as Grand Theft Auto, FIFA and Call of Duty. Check out the Top 10 list below to find out what else registered high.

The most recent newcomer is Five Nights At Freddy’s, which didn’t exist at all one year ago and now boasts three games, a fourth on the way, and a cavalcade of Let’s Plays full of shrieking people. Oddly, a cellphone puzzle game, Puzzles & Dragons, made it to the bottom of the top 10 — but it should be pointed out, this is an international list and people in other countries (like Japan) would find watching a video of a puzzle game within their tastes.

  1. Minecraft
  2. Grand Theft Auto (series)
  3. League of Legends
  4. Call of Duty (series)
  5. FIFA (series)
  6. Garry’s Mod
  7. The Sims (series)
  8. Five Nights at Freddy’s (series)
  9. Puzzles & Dragons
  10. Dota 2

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