New Minecraft Features Announced At MineCon 2015


Over the weekend MineCon 2015 took place in London, and Mojang’s Owen Hill, Daniel Wustenhoff, Tommaso Checchi, Jens Bergensten and Nathan Adams took to the stage to announce some new changes to the game they’ll be rolling out over the next few months. These changes will apply to all versions of the game — desktop, console and mobile.

One big change coming your way will be the ability to hold two items at once. If you want to hold a torch and a pickaxe at the same time, go right ahead — you’ll finally have the skill to hold things with both hands. This also means you can hold two weapons at once, though they didn’t say if you could use them both at once.

With the improved skills of the player will come trickier monsters to defeat. The Ender Dragon, the monster that appears at the “end” of the game, will now be more challenging….and if you want to fight him again, you can respawn him. Speaking of the game’s “end,” a new game area will be introduced soon located in that section that features a purple and yellow color scheme. Within this land you’ll gain the ability to levitate, and reach areas you could only previously get to if a ladder was around.

The Pocket Edition of Minecraft (the mobile version) will be getting an upgrade to feature more of the content that has been in the computer and console versions of the game. There were also mentions of Telltale’s game Minecraft: Story Mode (see another news post for the trailer) and the HoloLens project.

Finally, Mojang mentioned that the Minecraft feature film is still in development, with a targeted release date of 2017.

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