Minecraft Sells 20 Million Copies; Update Coming Soon


Over 20 million gamers and hobbyists now own Minecraft for PC. The official Minecraft website features a counter that keeps track of how many people have bought the game. Earlier today, that number finally topped 20 million. This isn’t even counting the people who own a version of the game that runs on a console or tablet. Combining all the numbers would push things past 40 million.

There’s more news on top of that: Mojang has also announced a new update for Minecraft will be hitting tomorrow. Here are their official notes:

  • Offended by mountains and caverns? Worry not, strange crafter, because now you have the option to customise your super flat worlds so they’re only as vertical as you desire.
  • New blocks! Oak, Spruce, Birch, and Jungle wood types. Fences, Gates, and Doors! Create the log cabin of your dreams with 1.17/TU25/CU14 .
  • A heap of new game options! Change the game mode, difficulty, time, player spawn position, ambient cave sounds, and weather without leaving your game session. Very handy.
  • Classic crafting! Now console players get to craft items just like their PC buddies on Java Minecraft. Some players find this style of creation more satisfying. Check it out.
  • New stuff! Iron Trapdoors, Inverted Daylight Sensors, Book & Quills, and Stained Glass have arrived. Use them wisely, and for good, please.

That should keep you busy for the summer. Minecraft’s new update, version 1.17/TU25/CU14, will arrive July 1.

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