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New Minecraft Colored Beacons Used to Beautiful Effect


The newest Minecraft snapshot, 14w32a, changes beacons so that the color of the light changes as it passes through glass, taking on the colors of stained glass.

Of course having different colors of beacons possible opens up lots of possibility for marking and for server games, but users have also seized the possibilities to make things of beauty.

First up is the complete rainbow spectrum by xilefakamot.

Colored Beacon Spectrum

This build took a lot of stained glass and a bit of computation to get the colors right. You can see how the effect was achieved in the image below.

Colored Beacon Spectrum Build

Zorigami was inspired by xilefakamot’s build, but likes to paint with all the colors that are not. So, a grayscale version was created.

Grayscale Beacon Spectrum

Finally, of course someone was going to recreate the iconic Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon album cover. Gil2455526 stepped up to the plate.

Dark Side of the Minecraft

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