Four Year Anniversary of X’s Adventures in Minecraft Takes Us Way Back


If you’ve been Minecrafting from the start, then you’re probably familiar with X’s Adventures in Minecraft. X was one of the first prominent Minecraft YouTubers, and many of us learned along with him as he played the early versions of the game for the first time and tried to survive the night. For a lot of us it was the first time we saw Minecraft.

X has released a new video, above, that’s a nostalgic look back at his series, taking a look around his old build The X-System.

“I want to thank all of you who watched, have watched, who continue watching, who stuck with me after X’s Adventures in Minecraft,” he said.

It’s definitely worth checking out, just watch out because you might get a little dust in your eye. Yeah, that’s it, dust.

You can also check out a playlist of X’s Adventures here. And the nice Kotaku writeup about the series that X refers to in the video here.

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