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Mod Turns Minecart Ride Into Psychedelic Trip


Here’s an impressive video taken from the perspective of a Minecraft minecart. YouTube user BruceKnowsHow could have just made a simple rollercoaster track, but he felt he had to go above and beyond. He installed mods that distorted, twisted and blurred the landscape as you zoomed past it, and he timed certain graphical effects (like the lighting of torches) to be in sync with the music he’d be dubbing over the scene. The result? Pure psychedelic grooviness, man.

This video was a nightmare. I probably spent longer on this video than I did on the original. What was originally supposed to take 7 nights to record dragged out to nearly a month.

Recording the omnidirectional tiles was extremely unreliable and required multiple workarounds that I wasn’t aware of at the outset. This was made worse by the fact that I didn’t devise a method to check if a recording was in sync until after I had wasted over 100 hours on bad recordings.

The torch-beats were redone from scratch.

You can check out the results of his efforts below.

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