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In-Game Tutorials Now Possible In Minecraft


Minecraft isn’t that hard to pick up and play, but some of the more complicated tasks people have pulled off in the game might confuse those who attempt those tasks themselves. Marc Watson, employee of Mojang, and Dragnoz, a popular Minecraft builder, are working on a solution: in-game tutorials. Together, they’ve rigged up a map that will allow anyone to document the building of their creations step-by-step, complete with on-screen text instructions.

This map is a simple demonstration of a possible new category of Minecraft maps: guided, in-game tutorials. The map shows build progress through step by step instructions, and you can even go back to a previous step! Using a resource pack, I’ve provided voiceovers so players can walk through the build as they listen to the reasoning for that step.

Keep in mind that this is simply a jumping-off point for a new kind of idea- obviously, most of us can build a square house, but please take it a step further and create your own! Maybe you’ve got a villager UI and voiceovers like this map, but maybe you just have pressure plates and text. The idea is to have mapmakers experiment with ways to teach and inspire new groups of creators.

The map is not official, but if it catches on (and I can see it catching on), Minecraft tutorials could become very popular as a teaching tool. You can download the map here.

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