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Mario 64’s Hub World Recreated In Minecraft


Two unidentified Minecrafters have made waves on Reddit by posting pics of their Minecraft recreation of the outer environments from Super Mario 64.

Given how blocky the N64’s environments usually were, especially within the first year of the console’s lifespan, this attempt at recreating Peach’s castle comes pretty close to the original. There was no way of recreating the paintings on the wall with blocks, so the creators used an online tool to convert images of the paintings into maps that could be applied in the Minecraft world.

mario 64

Though it is all one area, the interior of Peach’s palace had to be in a different location than the outside, due to the innards being much bigger than the out-ards in the original game. So when you go next to the door, a teleport takes you to the lobby area within.

You can explore the slightly blockier version of Super Mario 64 today, no add-ons required. Just download this map.

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