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Minecraft Plus Cats Equals Money


Every once in a while, you hear about a successful idea and it sounds so obvious in retrospect, you could just kick yourself for not thinking of it first. This is one of those times, as a 24-year-old from England has found success and popularity from combining two of the Internet’s most favorite things: Minecraft and cats.

Joseph Garrett is the name of the man from Hampshire who created Stampy Cat, a Minecraft mascot he voices as he journeys through the game and builds things. To date, Stampy Cat attracts six million unique visitors to Garrett’s YouTube channel, racking him over 150 million views a month. (If you’ve never heard of Stampy, don’t feel bad. Internet fame is a peculiar beast — due to its nature, it’s possible for something to be extremely famous in one neck of the Net-woods and completely unknown in another.)

According to BBC News, Garrett’s creation will soon be expanding with a new book deal. “Stampy’s Lovely Book” is the name of the upcoming tome, which has yet to be confirmed for a release date.

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