Hot Dog! Is Minecraft Finally Coming To Wii U?


It would seem like the world’s biggest no-brainer: pairing the Wii U’s young audience with the Wii U gamepad and the one game they’re most obsessed with these days. So why has it taken until what is probably the console’s final two years to even consider it?

No one really knows. But a very good sign appeared today on the website for the European software ratings board PEGI. “Minecraft Wii U Edition” was listed in the recent registry, with a release date of, um, today (I checked, it’s not in the eShop). The date is an error, so if the game is real, we don’t know when it’ll really show up.

Getting a rating from PEGI means the game has to be close to finished, but Nintendo did not mention a Wii U version of Minecraft in today’s Nintendo Direct. But will we be finally getting block-building abilities on the Wii U in 2016? We will let you know the second we get any more information.

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