Bedrock and The Jetsons’ Home Hidden In Lego Dimensions


Turns out the abode of a certain modern stone-age family, plus another dwelling belonging to an even more modern-type family, have been hidden in Lego Dimensions since the beginning — no one knew because they’ve been unlocked by an expansion pack. To visit them, the Doctor Who set is the pack you need. Then you’ll need to go to specific locations in The Simpsons’ adventure level and adventure world. The entrance to Bedrock is hidden in Burns’s office and you’ll have to solve a puzzle before the TARDIS will appear to take you there. Breaking a certain bus will take you to George’s place.

Scope out videos of both locations below:

Currently, there are no known plans to introduce Flintstones or Jetsons characters into this game. The Scooby Gang remains the only Hanna-Barbera stars from the 60’s running around in Lego Dimensions. But as packs continue to be released in the first half of 2016, more secret areas like these two may be waiting to be unlocked.

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