Hasselhoff Comes To Lego Dimensions This February


I’m not sure why the world has gone this long without a David Hasselhoff Minifigure, but that problem is fixing itself in 2017. It’s finally being made as part of the Lego Dimensions Knight Rider Story Pack, along with a LEGO K.I.T.T. and a new Knight Rider-themed level. Your kids will probably need some kind of explanation as to what this is, but there’s a second Story Pack coming the same day, this one more familiar….


The Lego Batman Movie is naturally getting its own Lego Dimensions representation. The new pack comes with Robin and Batgirl from the movie, plus the Bat Computer Base. ….Where’s Batman? Well, a Batman minifig already exists thanks to The Lego Movie, but if you have to buy another one, Lego and WB Games have you covered with this special version…


It’s the Excalibur Batman and his Bionic Steed! From……I have no idea what this is from. I hope it’s not a huge spoiler from the movie.

If you want these sets, you’ll have to know where to get them. They’re all timed exclusives, available only at specific retailers for a limited time. Knight Rider can only be purchased at GameStop, while The Lego Batman Movie can only be found at Target. The exclusivity contract will run out eventually, but there’s no guarantee of a second printing.

Both these new additions come to Lego Dimensions February 10, 2017.

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