Developers Can Now Use Minecraft To Store Their Code Work


Like the Thneed, Minecraft can be adapted for a thousand different uses, but it’s even better because no Truffula trees are sacrificed in the process. Now it can be used to store programmer code. Microsoft has introduced a new function to the PC version of Minecraft called Dockercraft. Once the program is applied, users can access their code files by walking through the Minecraft world, as seen in this video:

Dockercraft is an off-branch of Docker, a popular method of storing data that coders use to run their programs on any system — from their laptop to a giant powerful server — with no tweaking needed. The userbase of Docker and the userbase of Minecraft would just barely intersect in a Venn diagram, and despite its novelty, it has no hope of replacing access via a simple Windows screen.

If the average Minecraft user won’t be interested in Dockercraft, and the average computer coder won’t find it useful, then why does it even exist? Well….it started as a joke. Dockercraft was first shown off last June at Dockercon in San Francisco, just as a fun experiment. But as of today anyone can use it: Microsoft has released the Dockercraft source code for free on GitHub.

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