You’re Looking At Kerrigan: An Image Made With Minecraft Blocks


When Twitch streamer Tholan Tholarian set out to make a work of art, he didn’t use oil paint, pastel chalk or Paint Tool Sai. He booted up Minecraft. He slowly assembled an image of Kerrigan, a character from Starcraft, block by block by block. This the image seen from above. It’s the biggest pixel art image ever made in Minecraft history.


All in all, it took over a million blocks to create this image in Kerrigan’s glory: 1,128,960 blocks to be exact. Tholan says the project took 23 weeks to complete.

There are those who might be skeptical: since it doesn’t look like Minecraft art at all, can he prove it is? He already did: his fans watched him make the final steps on his Twitch channel. He uploaded the process to Youtube, so you can see it as well.

That’s some talent (and patience). Tholar could be making these just for giggles, but it was for a good cause: the revenue from his Twitch streams goes to Make A Wish Ireland.

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