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Working Game Boy Advance Built In Minecraft


A fully functional Game Boy Advance, running Pokemon Fire Red, has been constructed in Minecraft now. It won’t be long before cold fusion is achieved through this game.

This is not a mod. Redditor Requag used lots and lots of structure blocks to get a version of Fire Red running in this universe. No easy task, since this isn’t a ROM — the game is being recreated from scratch.

Admittedly the recreation isn’t 100% complete, and you can tell in the video below. Movement is sluggish, and the game lacks its most important components (dialogue and a battle system). All you can do with it at the moment is walk around, but you can also make your own Pokemon world maps with a built-in level editor.

It’ll become more like Pokemon Fire Red in the coming months as Requag keeps adding to it. As it is, he wanted to get a version out as soon as it became playable in some form. Download the Minecraft GBA here.

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