Today In Minecraft, Steve Is Joined By Alex


As of today, Mojang’s latest update to Minecraft on consoles will contain – -for the first time — a new central character.

The original Minecraft character you control was never given a name and depicted vaguely enough to be interpreted as gender-neutral (Mojang’s intent). But eventually, as the game grew in popularity, a name for the character caught on: Steve. From that point it was defined in pop culture as a man. This created a new problem, as female players who didn’t want to play as Steve, or as a male, were forced to find female re-skins as their only option.

Minecraft’s controllable character is now officially known as Steve. To solve the issue, Mojang introduced a female controllable character to the PC version of the game: Alex. Players who boot up the game for the first time will be able to choose between the two. Those who’ve been playing for a long time will have the option of switching to Alex in the menu.

Alex will be available for free on every platform. She had previously been a PC exclusive.

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