Little Big Planet and Adventure Time Collide


Come on and grab your friends: Little Big Planet’s new Adventure Time themed DLC lets you go to distant lands. Sony has officially announced the merger between Cartoon Network’s crazy property and Sony’s crazy property.

Now you’ll be able to create levels and areas right out of the show. The DLC will contain an exclusive Gallery Level that has 16 Materials, 4 Objects, 25 Decorations, and 81 Stickers to design with, all Adventure Time-themed. You;ll also get a special Land of Ooo level background and there will be 2 Original Music tracks (“A Blip and a Bubble”, “Manlorette Party”), 1 Interactive Music track (“Zombie Loop”) and 3 Cinematic Stingers (“Tragedy of Jake”, “Level 1″ and “Distortion Dirge”) by one of Adventure Time’s music composers, Tim Kiefer.

The Level Kit can be purchased for $4.99, while the Costume Pack is $5.99 and contains Sackboy outfits that will dress him up as Finn, Jake, Ice King, Gunter and two versions of the Cosmic Owl.

Oh yeah..and you can also dress up as Fionna. Schmow-a-ZOW!

Little Big Planet 3’s Adventure Time content is now available on Playstation Network, for both the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game.

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