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All Things Super Mario Coming To Minecraft — Officially


Today Nintendo announced the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack is coming to the Wii U version of Minecraft. This update adds 40 new Super Mario-themed skins encompassing characters from across the Mushroom Kingdom, including all seven Koopalings and probably Petey Piranha somewhere. (Don’t give your hopes up for Geno; you’ll have to create him from scratch.) You’ll be given all the tools you need to create your own Super Mario World in Minecraft, including the appropriately-branded blocks, 15 pieces of music from the Mario series and an entire pre-made Mario set for the lazy.

It’s a good sign that Nintendo has gone from complete ignorance to complete support and love regarding the Minecraft brand (of course, it being one of the system’s biggest sellers in every region including Japan had something to do with their change of mind). “Both the Super Mario franchise and Minecraft embrace the magic of exploration and discovery,” said Steve Singer, Nintendo of America’s Vice President of Publisher & Developer Relations. “Players will have a great time adventuring and creating in this free game update that embraces the unique and memorable elements of both franchises.”

What’s the cost? Nothing — the Mario stuff is free for you. It’ll arrive via an update to the digital version of Minecraft For Wii U on May 17. There’s also a physical version of Minecraft For Wii U on the way, which arrives June 17 for $29.99 MSRP — it will have the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack pre-installed.

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