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Making Minecraft Videos? Best To Avoid The Mario Mash-Up


The Minecraft Mario Mash-Up add-on was recently made available to all Wii U Minecrafters, free of charge. Perhaps because they’ll be paying another way?

Reports have started coming in of Mario-related Minecraft videos being tagged on YouTube with copyright claims by Nintendo. The unlucky ones who get this tag have a choice: either take the video down entirely, or let Nintendo monetize it, meaning all revenue generated from the video’s traffic goes directly to them. This isn’t the first time Nintendo has pulled this with a product on their systems either.

We’re dealing with one of the most conservative companies on Earth, despite the chances they take with their wacky products. It took about eight years for Nintendo to even realize Minecraft was a thing, let alone that it could make them money. And now that it’s one of the top sellers on their system, it will take them even longer to realize the value of free publicity via YouTube video sharing. Think of the sloth scene from “Zootopia” and you get the idea. That is what we’re dealing with.

However 4J Studios, the dev team that made the Mario pack for Minecraft, definitely disagrees this should be happening. “We’re hearing reports of copyright strikes on Super Mario Mash-Up videos. We were assured this wouldn’t happen,” they said on Twitter. “Following up with Nintendo.” One would hope so. They may be able to get through to Big N in ways that we can’t. We’ll keep you posted.

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