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Take a Wild Ride on This Indiana Jones-Themed Minecraft Coaster


It’s a scientifically established fact that the best part of 1984’s Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is that crazy part where everyone is riding minecarts and fighting each other. That scene singlehandedly made minecarts, which in reality are drab, dirty and dangerous wheeled buckets for hauling rock and coal in, cool, and hundreds of video games have aped it with minecart levels.

That’s not to say that Minecraft, a game about mining, wouldn’t have minecarts if the movie hadn’t happened. But maybe you wouldn’t be able to ride them. And so, K3RMITtheFRAG plays proper homage to the movie with this wild Minecraft coaster. It’s more of a loose inspiration than a direct lift, but the part where you’re riding a cart and the baddies are chasing you in their carts brings back the same feeling.

Unfortunately, there’s no world download, boo. But since it’s almost completely non-interactive the video is the same experience anyway.

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