Minecraft Console Edition

Minecraft Vita Undergoing Final Testing at Sony


PlayStation Vita owners might have Minecraft in the palms of their hands very soon.

A tweet from Minecraft console edition developer 4J studios confirms that the PlayStation Vita version of Minecraft has been handed over to Sony for final testing.

Although games can and do fail testing, as 4J’s PS4 version recently did, they are usually quickly resubmitted after a few bug fixes and released, as the PS4 version was. So although there’s no date on when to expect the Vita version, a good bet would be “soon.”

The Vita version of Minecraft will be similar to the PS3 version. In fact, it will be sold bundled in the same $20 download and have compatible saves. If you already own the PS3 version of Minecraft, you’ll automatically get the Vita version for free.

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