Minecraft Console Edition

PlayStation 4 Minecraft Out Today


Although the Xbox One version of Minecraft was announced as coming out first, it looks like the PlayStation 4 version is going to beat it to the punch. Sony announced the PS4 version will be out today, Sept. 4, with the Xbox One version following Sept. 5.

You can download the new games from the consoles’ respective digital stores. Both versions will cost $19.99 and both have upgrade schemes that will allow you to upgrade from PS3 to PS4 or Xbox 360 to Xbox One for $4.99.

The upgraded versions have a few advantages like larger draw distances and worlds that are 36 times bigger. Your saves from the previous versions can transfer to the new versions, and your purchased DLC will also transfer.

There is also a PlayStation Vita version of the game in the works, but console version developer 4J Studios has recently said it needed more time to work on it.

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