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Original Minecraft Clears 22 Million Copies Sold


The original Minecraft (the PC/Mac version) reached a new milestone over New Years’ weekend as the official counter of copies sold rolled over 22 million. According to Mojang, developers of the now-iconic block-building game, almost 14,500 copies of Minecraft have been sold in the last 24 hours alone.

This is, of course, just the PC version — if we were to add all the versions for other devices, as well as every free copy given to owners of Windows 10, we’d have a much larger number. At this point, the only real thing that could kill Minecraft as a cultural force would be….

(1) a “Minecraft 2” released by Microsoft that removes many popular features, rearranges other ones and makes them hard to find, and ceases support for the original version. Hey, it could happen — this is how they’ve handled Windows for years.

(2) popular culture changing in such a manner that a new generation considers Minecraft passe. To all those young enough to have no reference to what I’m talking about, it’ll eventually happen to you with something. I once thought ViewMasters would always be with us.

In other sales news, the Wii U version of Minecraft was the biggest-selling title for the system in Japan last month, beating every single Nintendo offering. If this doesn’t wake Nintendo up to the importance of having their own version of this game, nothing will.

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