Minecrafter Spends All Of 2015 Creating Scale Model Of Chicago


Redditor lukep393 started creating this scale model of Chicago, Illinois in January of 2015. Now, as both the model and the year near completion, he’s been posting updates to the Minecraft Reddit forum along with dozens of pictures. It’s pretty much complete now, and just look at it:

chicago 7MKM6Zv mkLNxRw

There wasn’t any help or assistance involved, nor was there any cheating. Luke built this model by himself using nothing but mined blocks. Everything is to scale and each building is where it should be. And with a town as big as this, that’s no easy feat. According to Luke, the only thing really missing from this scene is the “TRUMP” sign on one of the towers…but that’s no big loss. The giant metal bean is there, if you can find it.

See the full gallery at this imgur page. Or, if you want to explore Minecraft Chicago for yourself, Luke has made the finished model downloadable. Find it here.

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