New Lego Dimensions Trailer Shows Off Massive Voice Cast


This new trailer for Lego Dimensions focuses on the voice cast WB Interactive has managed to round up for the game — and it is HUGE.

Every character from The Lego Movie except for Will Arnett’s Batman will be voiced by their original player, and this includes Chris Pratt as Emmet — who will also be pulling double duty as the voice of his character in Jurassic World. Elizabeth Banks also returns as Wyldstyle and Alison Brie throws fits onscreen as Unikitty.

As reported earlier here, both the current Doctor (number Twelve) and his current companion will be voiced by their respective actors, but how will they handle the other 11? Turns out, with archival voice clips. Not all of them are dead (especially number 11, come on), but perhaps the clips were cheaper.

The original Shaggy couldn’t be located (being dead and all), but Frank Welker is still alive and he’ll be Scooby. GLaDOS and Wheatley will appear and be voiced by Ellen McLain and Stephen Merchant. And get THIS: the Back to the Future segments will feature both the authentic voices of Christoper Lloyd and Michael J. Fox!

Lego Dimensions will also sport some brand-new characters in the form of the game’s villains, and they’ve also got some impressive pipes: Lord Vortech and his assistant, Robot XP-O, will be respectively voiced by Gary Oldman and Joel McHale.

Check out the trailer below where many of these stars discuss their hopes for the game.

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